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 What is a Slip and Fall Accident?

A slip and fall accident falls under the domain of a personal injury accident. When someone slips or trips on someone else’s property, this becomes a personal injury accident. The property owner is held accountable, especially if there was negligence involved.

What Types of Accidents Are Considered Slip and Fall?

  • A slip and fall accident can occur under a variety of scenarios; some examples include the following:
  • Ripped flooring or loose carpeting
  • A crack in concrete outside someone’s home or an elevated piece of cement
  • Wet floors with no notice indicating same
  • Poor lighting
  • Narrow stairwells
  • Poorly maintained front stoops without appropriate hand rails


Who is Responsible and How Can You Get Help?

An experienced Slip & Fall Attorney can help you investigate if negligence is involved within your specific accident. They can also help unravel the facts of the case in addition to assisting you in seeking compensation for damages. The owner of the property may be held liable for your injuries.

If the owner of the property either created or knew about the condition or was notified about the condition and still chose to ignore it, then it is possible that negligence is involved.

The Slip & Fall Lawyers at Winkler, Kurtz, Winkler, Fellin, Hake & O’Hanlon, LLP have over 25 years of experience dealing with such cases. We will take the necessary steps to prove fault and/or negligence in order to provide you with the best outcome for damages you have suffered.

When it comes to the negligence of others, you are entitled to fair compensation for damages. Our team of attorneys will combine their many years of expert experience with phenomenal and outstanding legal assistance in order to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

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