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An order of protection is a serious matter; sometimes known as a restraining order, this legal document is intended to restrict harm, threats, abusive behavior and harassment toward you and/or your family members depending on who is named in the order.


An order of protection may have many different directives depending on your needs:

  • To keep an individual away from you and your children
  • To move out of your home
  • To cease from all communications such as email, text, and mail

An Order of Protection is issued to limit undesirable behavior and is obtained through Family Court and Criminal Court. Through Family Court, you can obtain an Order of Protection depending on your relationship with the individual, for example:

  • A spouse
  • A former spouse
  • A family member

A Criminal Court order of protection is issued when someone has committed a crime, and you feel you need protection. The best way to obtain this type of order is to speak with expert legal counsel. Despite obtaining an Order of Protection, violations of the rules set forth in the Orders sometimes occur. Especially in these situations, you need the unwavering and knowledgeable expertise of a trustworthy legal firm. Your safety and well-being and that of your family is our utmost concern.

At Winkler, Kurtz & Winkler, we can help in obtaining an Order of Protection to ensure the safety of your family and loved ones. Contact us today for a free consultation so that we can sit with you to review your case and present you with the most positive possible solutions.


 Workplace accidents can be some of the most devastating types of accidents, and in more ways than one. In addition to being physically injured, emotional damages can come into play if wages are no longer being paid. If you’ve been injured on the job, many troublesome thoughts are most likely consuming your mind:


  • How long will I be out of work?
  • Will this be a permanent injury?
  • How will this impact my earning capacity?
  • Will my future earnings be impacted as well?
  • If I am out of work, who, how and when will these medical bills be covered?
  • What about my personal bills?


Besides having to work on healing yourself and getting better, you will have to deal with these questions and more. With hundreds of thousands of people living and working on Long Island and workplace injuries becoming a common occurrence, it's important to know your rights when it comes to a workplace injury. Not only is Worker's Compensation complex, but there are many legal aspects of on-the-job injuries to take into consideration:


  • Workers’ Compensation doesn’t always cover everything
  • There could be a third party involved you will need to pursue when seeking punitive damages
  • Besides seeking restitution for medical bills and lost wages, there could be potential for seeking damages for a negative impact on livelihood, career change with permanent decrease of income, impact for future earnings
  • Emotional components could exist as the result of a workplace accident (such as anxiety and depression) for which therapeutic treatment is necessary
  • Pain and suffering now and in the future may be a consideration
  • If you feel you are the victim of gross negligence or recklessness, you will need to hire the expertise of a workplace accident attorney


If You’ve Experienced a Workplace Injury


Get medical attention immediately, report the accident, fill out the appropriate paperwork, keep organized records, and follow the rules for filing the incident according to your employer’s instructions. More importantly, obtain the aid of a legal representative. Sometimes injuries last long after your incident and you don't know until it's too late what those repercussions may be.

Our experienced Work Accident Lawyers take pride in helping Long Islanders seek restitution for their injuries and assisting them in gaining the optimal outcome for their particular workplace injury. 

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Spousal support, spousal maintenance, alimony; these are all terms relating to payment of money from one spouse to another. However, there are several differences between them. That’s why it’s important to hire a team of experienced divorce lawyers who know the law specific to your state, and how to apply it to your case for the best possible outcome.

There are several factors taken into account when the court views whether or not to award this type of support in addition to how much is to be received.

  • How long was the couple married? The length of the marriage will come into play when deciding spousal support. Typically, the longer the marriage, the larger the award.
  • Did one spouse support the other in terms of education and career advancement? Sometimes one spouse will stay home and care for home and children while the other advances in education and/or career.
  • Earning potential of both parties – the court will typically look at the earning capacity of each spouse in order to determine the appropriate award.
  • Will one of the spouses need additional educational or vocational training? If a spouse did not have the opportunity to educate themselves or learn a trade during the marriage, this may be taken into consideration, as well. This spouse may need a set period of time in order to become financially independent.

Sometimes one spouse will incur a residual lifetime effect of not being equal both educationally and vocationally, and this will have a lifelong impact on their earning potential. Cases such as this, will need special attention in order to ensure this spouse has a fair and equitable chance at future earnings.

When emotions run high, you may find yourself wanting a quick end to an unhappy marriage; that is why our firm can help you to gain clarity in your now and for your future.

The experienced Divorce Lawyers at Winkler, Kurtz & Winkler can provide you the guidance and knowledge you need to help provide you with the best possible outcome. 


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