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Injured on the job? here's what you need to know about workplace related injuries

Unfortunately, the environment in which construction workers perform their job duties is often times unsafe. When a construction worker arrives on site, they depend on their employers to do their due diligence with safety precautions and proper training of coworkers. Construction workers are faced with their own set of particular hazards on the job; they are always at higher risks for accidents. Not only are they susceptible to dangerous accidents but also to exposure for serious health risks, as well.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,836 fatal work injuries were recorded in the United States in 2015 while The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that out of 4,379 worker fatalities in 2015, 937 of them were in construction (one in five construction workers were fatally injured in 2015). While overseers of construction projects do take precautions, sometimes a serious injury due to a dangerous condition occurs. To make matters worse, those in charge may not always follow protocol or adhere to safety policies and procedures; leaving room for negligence on the job site. The unfortunate result is a serious injury or health risk that lasts long after the accident occurred. Potential work related accidents and injuries are many:

  • Falls from ladders or scaffolding – construction workers can fall from heights due to faulty equipment or insufficient safety tie-down issues
  • Burn injuries – from fire hazards or chemical burns
  • Electric shock – from potential arc flashes or working with faulty electrical equipment
  • Exposure to harmful chemicals or materials causing illness and disease
  • Physical injuries such as head trauma, broken bones or vision impairment

These are just to name a few. Since a construction worker relies on their physical well-being in order to maintain their livelihood, an accident can impair them in many ways. An injured construction workers present health and future earning potential will suffer a negative impact after an accident or injury on the job site.

To complicate matters further, there are other parties occupying space at a construction site, as well. While a particular employer may not be responsible for an accident or injury, a third party such as a general contractor, subcontractor or equipment manufacturer may be at fault. In cases such as this, an injured construction worker and their family will want expert and experienced legal counsel in the area of third-party negligence.

A thorough understanding of Negligence Law and New York State Labor Laws is necessary in order to recover appropriate damages. There are laws governing safety provisions and when those provisions are not followed or worse, not implemented from the onset, this can result in injury or, unfortunately, death.

If a third-party entity did not provide safety provisions, knew of or should have known of serious safety issues, an injured worker may have a claim against the responsible parties. However, if a third-party entity sets out to prove that the worker was at fault entirely, recovery becomes complicated.

 No injured worker or their families should have to pull apart the legalities of their case when their main objective is to heal on all levels. An injured construction worker will need the highest standard of excellence in the legal field to conduct a thorough investigation on their behalf in order to build a solid case for recovery of damages.

If you’ve been injured in a New York construction-site accident, contact our skillful and highly experienced construction-site injury attorneys today. Since 1987, Winkler Kurtz, LLP has been fighting for construction workers who have been injured on the job. We can help you investigate your claim in order to build a strong case for your recovery and for your future.

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